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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 22, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. involving an armed gunman that happened last night. i'll tell you highway they may be -- how they may be connected to the robberies last week. wildfire continues to inch closer to yosemite. we'll have live coverage from the fire lines. live in hayward, where firefighters snuffed out a house fire. why they couldn't use water when they first arrived?
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presidentobama hits the road. why he wants to make college more affordable. ktvu channel 2 news continues. and good morning. here's a live look on what's inside what's left a large marijuana grower operation, emergency that led to the discovery. that's coming up in a couple of minutes. i'm troy campbell. >> and let's check weather and traffic. steve is right over there. and back to school, wake up. and 59, go 67. and 72 degrees for hayward, starts back to school today. weather pressure is moving. it's moving out of the area, not before we picked up the coverage on the fog. we cooled down yesterday.
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there's cooler day aloft. and i don't think it's stuck. decent sea breeze, west wind, there goes our low. it will wrap around, possibility of showers in mendocino and lake county. it's kind of cool and breezy for a few. fog and sun later on. overall mostly sunny. clouds in the north and east, the breeze is out of the west for many. southwest, 25-30 miles an hour for a few. some highs, 60s, 70s towards antioch. >> traffic is moving along pretty well. things are improving from the earlier problems we had. there's a little bit of a backup. as you could see, westbound, backed the metering lights switched on. no major problems. slow traffic. and don't get -- start getting
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sentimental. it will be closed for five days, as you know. we're going to be driving in the new eastern span after labor day. take a look at the san mateo bridge. this is the bridge you'll be using during the closure -- this is the bridge many of you will be using during the closure, i suspect. some will be using bart. the traffic is moving along well on the san mateo bridge. i want to mention on the peninsula, right near sierra parkway, it's gone. once they removed the lane block, traffic is moving well. down in the peninsula, it's looking nice. no major problems much we're seeing a little traffic on the altamont pass. we'll show you that next time. 6:03. go back to the desk. business owners are getting alerted on a rash robberies. past week, there are several robberies, including a pet store and a dessert shop.
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katie is in concord to tell us how the crimes may be connected. katie? >> reporter: sorry about that. we're having technical issues. >> you could hear me now? >> i can. i apologize for that. we're live in concord. that's where all four of the robberies happened within a one week period. in all cases, the robber's description is similar and the businesses hit are in close proximity to each other. the petco was hit around 6:00 last night. you could see down the road, a ups store was robbed around 6:30. concord police are looking for evidence at that location, part of the vineyard shopping center. we're still working to confirm what kind of threat the robber used. we've learned he may be the same man who robbed two other stores last saturday.
6:05 am, show they were hit on the 17th. witnesses described the suspect as a white man with a bushy gray mustache. they say he looked homeless and he had a gun. the clayton police officer patrolled this area. their concern the shopping center may also be hit. he has reason to check out the shopping center, looking for the robbery suspect who is still on the loose described as a white man with a bushy mustache. the officer confirmed, the man in the previous robbery cases did carry a gun. ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:05. warnings on two men who are posing as pg&e workers. it happened tuesday on sunnyvale road and hillward place. they asked for permission to go in the backyard. the victims say they didn't raise any alarms because they
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recently got notice about inspections like that. >> the homeowner went to the two men to the rear yard to check the easement. while that was occurring, someone was inside the house burglarizing their home. >> the men got away with $5,000 worth of cash and jewelry. both suspects identified as hispanic. one between 35-40-year-old, wearing a hard hat, gloves and dark clothing. the second suspect between 45- 50-year-old, was wearing a fisherman's hat and light colored clothing. two weeks ago home also robbed by pg&e workers. huge wildfire raging out of control in yosemite national park. hundreds of firefighters are battling the rim fire. it's now burned 16,000 acres in the rugged sierra foothills.
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it's only 5 percent contained. and one point, the big flames came dangerously close to the fire command post. our news crew took this dramatic view. >> we are having a lot of crews working there. we're here. we're put -- working with a lot of people. >> we have a big fireworking our way. >> fire is dynamic. we have to be ready to go. >> crews set backfires that kept the flames from moving to the command post. the fire has destroyed at least two homes and threatening thousands of others. the big fire is moving closer and closer to to yosemite national park. coming up, trays 6:15. in a few minutes, we'll go live to the fire lines outside of yosemite. a large marijuana grow operation in hayward is under investigation. the firefighters made the discovery last night while fighting a house fire.
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tara mor irty is inside. >> and this is the containers where the authorities were in. and you could see the fertilizer cans. if we pan in you could see an elaborate. they used power tools to break open the garage door. luckily no one was in the house when the fire began around 7:30 last night. neighbors were the ones to call 911 when they saw smoke coming from the gar aiming. firefighters discovered faulty wiring. they were concerned the water from the hoses, will provide
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electricity. >> we worked with officials with pg&e. >> the alameda sheriff office is investigating. marijuana plants, some that grew 5 feet tall have been removed from the house and will be destroyed. the investigators haven't released the immediate cause. the meter has blown out and it looks electrical at this point. time now 6:08. bart board of directors meet with the threat of a bart strike still under controversy. the judge granted governor brown's request for a 60 day cooling-off period. that means they are no closer to a deal on pay, health care and pension costs. a lot of the bay area business say to get the governor involved in the contract talks. they must discard half a
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million cases of white wine. treasure wine estates, the bottle stayed on the shelf too long and expired before being sold. the company will lose more than $33 million. the company owns seven property in sonoma and napa including beringer vineyards. >> grape picking is under way. it's the second phase of the wine harvest that started august 1st in napa valley. now workers are harvesting sav savignone grapes. they are gettingen early start of the harvest because of unusually warm weather this season. time is 6:10. the first time, we're hearing from a 16-year-old california girl who was kidnapped and rescued a week later. what hannah is saying about the relationship with the man accused of kidnapping her.
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investigators to investigate new claims of a chemical weapons attack. good morning. we're seeing more slow traffic in the morning commute. we'll find out what some of the key commutes are doing right now. concord livermore, clear at this hour. the low clouds deck tps to move in. what about the lightning? are we done with that yet? o?oowq
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welcome back. syrian rebels say the government is still attacking rebel held areas near damaskus. the rebels say it included chemical weapons. the opposition says many died, many women and children. and they want people already in syria to investigate. >> in place in dama nation-- damaacus. if chemical weapons use is confirmed, that would add pressure on the u.s. to get more involved in the conflict. happening right noi, president obama is about to begin a two day tour through new york and pennsylvania and it will focus on making college more affordable. this is a live picture. you're looking at joint, joint-
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based andrews maryland. that's air force one that we're looking at and we are waiting for the chopper coming in that the president will be on. it looks like marine one is looking like it's coming in. you could see it behind the trees there. he will come to land marine one and board air force one. from there, he would head to buffalo, new york, where he will speak at the university of buffalo. from there, he'll board a bus to continue his tour. that will be at a high school in syracuse. again, we're looking at several helicopters but one of them will -- marine force one carrying the president, a rather convenient way to travel, directly by helicopter to joint base andrews in maryland to get on air force one. and be heading off opt two day tour of schools, to promote his efforts to make college more affordable for students. now later this morning, we will
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get details on president obama's plans to hold colleges accountable for the cost of going to schools. carla campbell reports from the newsroom. the president is pushing on the proposal on the two day tour. >> president obama will lay out the details today and tomorrow when he makes stops through new york state and pennsylvania. we'll take a live look of the pictures once gep much joint base andrews where president obama is going to land any moment on marine one and take off on air force one for his first stop in buffalo, new york. two hours from now, president obama will speak on the proposal of the college rated system. and it will be based on measures like tuition, graduation rates, debt and income of res deps and how many low-income students are enrolled in the schools. by 2018, the president hopes the ratings will be tied to financial aid. students at better rated
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colleges will receive larger federal grants and more affordable loans. the move will require new legislation in congress much the white house says in the past 30 years, the cost of public college skyrocketed more than 250 percent. family incomes increased by 16 percent. just how much the average california student owes when they graduate, i'm working on that story for you for 7:15. katie campbell, ktvu news. the huge wildfire raging out of control. and the so-called rim fire, it's burned more than 16,000 acres in the rugged sierra foothills. our reporter brian hickey. how bad is it? >> the smoke. and i'll give you a sense of terrain and firefight erring.
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and it plunges down in the river. somewhere in there. you could see the extent of the devastation, 16,000 acres stripped clean of foliage as the fire raged through here. yesterday, we saw that in the afternoon and as the fire kicked around highway 20, raising in the area called packard canyon. and the other concern is on west side of the fire, where it's continuing to grow towards an area called pine mountain lake. a lot of people have vacation homes around the lake there. residents around freddy road. those are under advisory evacuation order. they were told to get the things ready, leaving the homes in the hands of firefighters. >> the last of the load to get out of here. have the pick tourings and important stuff. >> i'm hoping it will stop.
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my grandson is fighting it much. >> reporter: after days of fighting the fire, still only 5 percent contained. i wish you could see the canyon that we are in. it's a huge canyon. we're on a beautiful vista, what used to be a beautiful vista. now all of it blackened. it gives you a sense on what the crews are dealing with the sierra. with more than 5,000 firefighters on the line, be back at it with the main focus on the west end of the rim fire. brian hickcas. >> and lot of campers and visitors having to leave yosemite because of the fire condition. let's get an update with sal to gets an update on the pay area commute. >> the traffic is moving pretty well in some areas. and we'll look at the toll plaza, the traffic that's
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backed up for a 15 minutes delay. going to san france, waiting in the toll plaza and getting into the bridge much the incline section of the bridge, we won't be looking at it much longer. getting to san francisco, the 1936 span, the traffic is moving along relatively well. the lower deck, noncommute direction, that looks good. taking a look at the traffic via our map system, contra costa county o. of course, there's always this stuff in antioch, there's a construction work to deal with and also the slow traffic right through there. i want to mention southbound 680 looks good. there's no major problems. bart still has some residual delays because of earlier problems with equipment. caltran and muni are doing well. now let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. a very good morning. lots of low clouds, and maybe a
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little mist. kind of quiet in the twitter nation. maybe you're just waitinor something. the low clouds made a strong surge are low. accelerating. heading north. as it does, may wrap in some clouds. it's really moving fast now. it picked up the fog bank in a big way. the back to school forecast, san rafael. cloudy skies. 68 during the high of 77 degrees at 3:00 p.m. the rim fire, just heard from kirk steches, in mendocino county. i'm going to go quicker. it does create the low pressure and change of winds and winds will be swirling. it's out of the south. this is under 700 feet. humidity very low. i'd like to get it over 50 percent. very tough terrain as you saw. temperatures 60s and 70s. it looks like more favorable conditions today. we can get a westerly breeze.
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fog up and down the coast. it's really the thunderstorm activity, going to the north. 50s and 60s. i think the lows where they are going to settle. in northeast california, quincy, chester, susanville, see the line pushing through. and off to the mendocino coast, pretty good lightning strikes. most of it is pushing far to the north. it should be in the oregon border in the next couple of hours. things have collapsed here much the low moves north. the fog moves in place. and it equals a sunny to mostly sunny day. it includes the fog and low clouds. maybe some thunderstorms again. mendocino, lake county will be in the southern edge. breezy at times. pretty good breeze. and also saw fairfield gust to 32 at travis. 60s, 70s and 80s. and 70s for some. 80s for others.
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a lot of 60s closer to the coast. not a lot but the cooling trend will take us to the weekend. >> time now, 6:22. a desperate search happening in the south bay. it's about an iraq war veteran. >> why it's important to find the dog. >> the common vial layings the inspectors found in the bay area.
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. it is 6:25. as california students go back to school, highway patrol officers are making sure the school buses are safe. school buses are inspected by the chp every 13 months. buses that are not put into inspection, are put in place. they look for things like loose bolts. the inspector says he hasn't come up with any problems. >> i think the school buses are the safest up-to-date. >> drivers also play a key role on bus safety. under the law, each bus driver is responsible for checking the bus before picking up any children. last year, 106 bay area buses were taken out of service. some common violations include 232 violations for lights, such
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as burned out bulbs. 152 buses had brake problems. 98 violations involved steering and suspension. the city of dublin will continue to allow safe and sane fireworks. city council discussed banning them, after claims on it may be contributing to the wildfires works. safe and sane don't smoke. they don't fly through an air. the city council rejected the ban saying it would deprive the charities from their funding. more on that huge wildfires burning near yosemite. >> and racing up the canyon and it felt like we got out just in time. >> hear from staff and students from a bay area high school. they were caught in a very dangerous situation. >> reporter: live in hayward, where firefighters make an
6:28 am
interesting discovery after battling a house fire. and right now, traffic is getting busier in many areas as we look at 280 northbound. we'll see traffic getting busier. >> we're almost back to the usually clouds and fog. are we done with the lightning yet? it's close. ♪
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. welcome back. looking at the new york stock exchange opt left, the women's tennis association there celebrating the 40th ap anniversary of equal pay. we will check the numbers throughout the day. thank you for joining us. dave clark here. tori campbell is in for pam cook. let's check weather and traffic. steve, how are we looking.
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>> reporter: the low pressure system. and as it does, it brings us cooler aloft. the back to school forecast and we'll look i believe hayward. hayward unified school district. let's get them going, get them up. and 72 degrees in hayward. the low cloud deck is pretty extensive. concord, liver more, last check, cloudy, mostly cloudy. if they get the low clouds, it will make it a good search. 166 in the high temp. 50s and 60s out of the temperatures. decent sea breeze in place. westerly wind, seeing gust 25 miles an hour for some in the delta and higher elevations. the thunderstorm activity going north and east. mendocino county, maybe. get a lot of low clouds. cool, breezy. and a lot of sunshine as dryer air begins to move in. it allows the sunshine to take
6:32 am
over. and the wind, again out of the west. the low cloud deck, 50s, 70s, 80s and few very, very low 90s. >> right now we're looking pretty good. if you are driving in the commute, 280 northbound, driving to 280, it looks pretty good getting to highway 17. if you want to take 187 to the downtown san jose area, we can show you that on the map. traffic is looking pretty well, as you drive on the freeway, getting past the major streets and eventually people will take that to the san jose airport. in the east bay, 880. no problems. we have a lot of traffic as you drive in the valley. look at the slow traffic getting all the way to livermore. it's going to be one of the things where you give yourself plenty of extra time. the bay bridge, backed up for a
6:33 am
15-20 minute delay. firefighters in hayward discovered a marijuana operation while fighting a fire. tara moriarty joining us to tell us how many pot plants were found. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you see, the firefighters pried the garage door off. you could see right here, a lab erinth of -- lab erinth of different containers. this is usinged to fuel the operation. you could see the remnants of the marijuana plants. firefighters stumbled around 200 plants and they used power tools to break open the garage door. luckily no one was inside when the fire began around 7:30. neighbors were the wops to call 911 when they saw smoke coming from the garage. they discovered faulty wiring
6:34 am
and were forced to fight the flames. >> the water conducting electricity. >> and the alameda county sheriff office is investigating. the marijuana plants, some had grown-up to 5 feet tall have been removed from the house and will now be destroyed. investigators have not released the official cause of the fire. if we come back here live, you could see the meter is blown out. it's looking like an electrical fire at this point. no word on how much the plants are worth and who is responsible. tara moriarty, ktvu news. and the huge wildfire raging out of control near yosemite. the rim fire now burned more than 16,000 acres in the rugged sierra foothills. at least two homes were destroyed and thousands more are threatened. the big fire is moving closer and closer to yosemite national
6:35 am
park. at last check, it was just 10 miles away. >> we are concerned, however, it's not a threat at this time. >> it's quite some distance still to get there. >> it is a distance. the fire is a distance from yosemite national park. >> at one point, the big flames came dangerously close to the command. and took this dramatic video. crews set backfires, so it was to move away from the command post. and however, students ap staff found themselves in the middle of the fire when they took -- it took an unexpected turn earlier this week. the fast-moving flames roared past their camp. that's where they were having the annual retreat. the students snapped the cell phone photos when they were ordered to evacuate. they had 15 minutes to pack up
6:36 am
and get out. >> we didn't manage to take anything. anyone who had medications took that. the only worry, we didn't have enough cars. >> the students and staff plan to go back and get their gear once they get the all-clear from the firefighters. meantime, they plan to resume their school retreat this morning, but will be back on their campus in berkeley. who others tied to the bay area are becoming rustic ghost town. a handful of people at camp mather packed up yesterday. san francisco's public utility commission is really watching this big wildfire in yosemite and the possible impact on the bay area's water supply. hech hechy to 2.6 million people in the bay area. most of the water pipes are underground. the big concern is ash from the
6:37 am
wildfire, that could float into the reservoir. you could get more information on the rim fire by going to the channel 2 website. has unedited video from the fire lines outside of yosemite. right now there's a desperate search in the bay for a lost service dog. it's a border collie mix called lobo. ktvu joins us from san jose. you just got off the phone from san jose .d what did he say? >> he had a knee injury because of injuries he sustained when he was in the war several years back. this dog really helped him. the dog's name is lobo. he's making a plea for
6:38 am
everybody to keep an eye for him. he was in vinci park. this is the bar why is area of northeast san jose. lobo, german shepherd collie mix, helps his owner deal with post-traumatic stress disorder. wilson was putting lobo in the car when he got spooked and ran away in the area of berry nays esa and flicker. and it helps veterans train their service dogs to calm them. wilson has received many messages of support through social media. he's hoping someone will spot his dog which he's had a year naf and a half. if anyone spots the dog, they are asked to call operation freedom paws. a reward is being offered for the dog's safe return. we plan on talking to jeff wilson in camera in the next hour. we'll hear from him in the mornings on 2. janine dela veg
6:39 am
vega. the families of eight special needs children are suing a former teacher lawsuit claims, dana mentally abused the children mentally and physically. for allegedly violating their civil rights in the americans with disabilities act. they will investigate how california state universities handle sexual abuse cases. the women told lawmakers when they reported being sexually assaulted the officials at berkeley didn't punish the attacker. lawmakers are planning to audit uc berkeley in the next seven months. the san diego teenager kidnapped earlier this month is
6:40 am
talking about her relationship with her alleged kidnapper. hanna anderson says she texted dimaggio before she was kidnapped because he was supposed to pick her up from friend. she wrote him year ago because she was not getting along with her mother. memorial service will be held for a young woman killed in san francisco after a truck crash in her bicycle. mallee was riding through the intersection on fulsom street when a truck hit and killed her. she had just celebrated her 24th birthday this month. bicyclists are launching a letter writing campaign urging mayor lee to redesign the area to protect bicyclists. a another phase of the construction of the bay bridge
6:41 am
is almost finished. the first two-thirds of the walkway and bike lane will open when the span opens september 3 3rd. the rest of the path toward yerba island, won't be finished until 2015 because the existing bridge has to be torn down first. you could find an extension -- extensive section, and plus routes to get around the closure that starts on the 16th and 8:00 p.m. what a judge ordered the nsa to stop doing? . a man with a gun has targeted four concord businesses. i'll tell you what connects all four cases and give you a suspect description. all right. we have traffic that's getting busy and one major area of san
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francisco, we have busy traffic. this is a look at 87, san jose. it's a little slow. fog bank is getting busy as well. it's really flexing its muscle. what about the lightning? are we done? ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads.
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. welcome back. robbers hit four businesses in concord in less than a week.
6:45 am
are the robberies connected? ktvu katie hugh is in concord with the latest detailings. good morning. >> i touched base with con court police a few minutes ago. they say the detective should be on duty in about an hour. we may get details about the connection then. here's what we know so far. the pet store food -- food store behind me was robbed at 6:00. it's located in the clayton shopping center. the vineyard shopping center, ups, was robbed around cigs thirt. we're working to confirm what kind of threat the robber used. we have learned he may be the same man who robbed two other stores last saturday. sally's beauty supply and the yogurt shack was hit on the 17th. this map shows how close the four businesses are located.
6:46 am
the witnesses described the man as white man, bushy gray mustache, looked homeless and had a gun. i spoke with the officer and he says his department, it's a concern because they have a shopping center near their jurisdiction, and they don't want it hit with this robber. they are trying to help any way they can with the patrols. he did confirm the robber on the 17th did carry a gun. live in concord, katie euless, ktvu channel 2 news. >> happening today, jury deliberations are expected to happen in the military trial of army major nadal hassan, accused of killing 13 people in a shooting rampage in for the fort hood. ab evaluation of his boss called him a good soldier.
6:47 am
the prosecutor submitted more than 700 pieces of evidence against hassan much hassan admitted to the shooting, saying the rampage was necessary to protect muslims abroad, preparing for iraq and afghanistan. bradley manning, army private sentenced yesterday to 35 years for leaking classified documents now says he intends to live out the rest of his life as a woman. his attorney appeared in national television read a statement from his client. i am chelsea manning. i'm female. given the way i feel since childhood, i want to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible. the army private is sending president obama a letter, explaining why he decided to leak through wiki leaks. he suggested the identity was a
6:48 am
factor in manning's decision to leak the dumes. we're learning more about the surveillance activities of the national security agency. nearly classified documents, nsa illegally gathered tens an thousands of e-mails and electronic americans between americans before it was ordered to stop by the judge in 2011. as soon as tomorrow, we may know if san diego's mayor will resign. filner reached a tentative deal in a lawsuit filed between him an the city. the specifics are not made public yet but will be presented tomorrow. there are rumors that he's already cleaning out his office. last night, he was seen in the suv loaded with boxes of files. almost 20 women accused him of sexually harassing them. time is 6:48. here's a look on what's coming
6:49 am
on mornings on 2. how it's designed to have bay areas schoolkids, think on their. car theft victims is taking for a ride. we'll tell you about the down side of recovering the stolen car. we'll have more on the fire lines in yosemite. that's coming in minutes on 62:00. >> matter of fact, the traffic is moving along, they are behaving. the traffic is actually moving along pretty well, if you're doing okay. matter of fact, the traffic is backed for a 15 minutes delay here. if -- not a major problem. there's no problems on the bridge. matter of fact, the traffic continues to move along very well on highway 101 in san francisco. the traffic is moving along very nicely. a good area to avoid, turk and
6:50 am
taylor. we'll talk about that in a little bit. slow traffic in the livermore area. the traffic between tracy and livermore is still very slow. let's go to sal. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> a lot of low clouds in place. kind of a cool morning. delta in the higher elevations is a low. it gives us thunderstorms and gives us hot conditions an it's moving north much as it does, it will take a lot of the cloud cover with it. most of it is thunderstorm activity. and maybe mendocino, lake county. and let's get it going. slap some bacon in a biscuit, get going. and there's the low. thund storp activity, is northeast california. it's moving pretty far north and pretty rapidly north as well much better conditions for
6:51 am
the firefighters, rim fire. and also a westerly breeze. 60s and 70s on the temps. a couple of people in between, they are off to the fire. the observation was 68 last check and it's now low 60s depending on location. only 5% contained. 59 now. southeast 12. we want more of a westerly breeze. it looks like it's coming a little bit. the thunderstorm threat is over. 40s in tahoe. and 50s and 60s up and down the coast, all the way to san diego. 50s for many. walnut creek a little cool. and 5 53 and 24 miles an hour west winds. some areas are picking a good breeze so it's kind of cool. by tonight, it will be, the low being almost to oregon. you could see a little thunderstorm activity,
6:52 am
susanville, chester, and also off the coast. that won't move much today. that's out of our picture so it has increased. and breezy at times highs. tori in the 50s and 70s. and the number of americans filing for unemployment insurance rose last week. 336,000 applied for initial jobless benefits much that's 13,000 more than the week before. economists expected the number to rise but only by 4,000. experts say, employer layoff are relatively low. all those workers are in mortgage financing positions. the san francisco-based banks, say they are seeing fewer applications for mortgage. refinancing is down 62 percent since may. that's when mortgage rates began a, a sharp increase.
6:53 am
less workers needed. >> all right, tori. coming up, new details about the surprise resignation of pope benedict. now the pope is telling us the real reason he stepped down. real twist in the drama of convicted serial killer, joseph naso. why he may not be prosecuted nor
6:54 am
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6:56 am
taking a live look on the big board, the dow is up. kind of a welcome sight after six down days especially from the disappointment, minutes from the federal reserve, saying it's going to be a change in the economic stimulus program. stocks higher after an upbeat from china and europe. nasdaq up 27 and s&p up 8. >> convicted serial killer could face another murder trial despite this week's verdict. on tuesday, a jury in marin county found naso guilty of killing four women. the crimes that date back in the 70s. prosecutors in nevada county are waiting until after naso is sentenced before they decide they will prosecute him in the death of another woman, in 1992. the d.a.'s office says it will be a waste of a taxpayer money to have another trial if naso gets the death sentence.
6:57 am
later in san jose, another hearing is scheduled for the man suspected of kidnapping and kill sierra lamar. she vanished outside of her home in march of 2012. angela garcia torres was arrested a couple of minutes later even though her body was never found. garcia torres is still not entered a plea much the case has been delayed several times to give prosecutors time to go over the evidence. new details now about pope benedict's surprise resignation earlier this year. pope benedict cited the age and declining health when he announced his decision to step down. now he's quoted to saying, god told him to resign on what he called a mystical experience. he surprised catholics arn the world when he became the first pope to retire in 600 years. palo alto is rolling a new program to help save the lives
6:58 am
of those who go into cardiac arrest. this month, the city will add 52 defibrillators to the police cars and other facilities. the average response call time is 5 to 6 minutes. police often arrive at the scene. and with officers carrying the devices, they can actually increase the chance of a person surviving a heart attack. breaking news in san francisco. police have investigating a shooting. it happened in the last 60 minutes. a fire call becomes a criminal investigation. what firefighters found in the east bay home. a rash of robberies in one east city. why concern over the crimes is growing. stay with us.
6:59 am
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we're live in hayward where firefighters battle flames inside a garage. what they stumbled upon inside and why they couldn't use water to fight this fire at the beginning. >> breaking news from san francisco. gunfire in the tender loin. we have a news crew headed to the scene. >> reporter: a search for a


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